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By on April 25, 2018

Where ever I move and speak in an open forum, I often use this phrase – I’m proud to be an Indian. Certainly, I am but suddenly in these few days, I have been doing a lot of workshops and news reading where I fumbled upon something and felt that I come from a country where a man can’t be charged with sexually abusing or raping his wife unless she is below 15 years of age. On the other hand, the punishment for people belonging to LGBT community having consensual sex is ten years, which may even extend to life imprisonment.

Do you all remember the gun down a case of the senior most journalists called ‘Gauri Lankesh’?  The reason was very simple because she had the audacity to become the most tenacious women activist who spoke out against the popular political based agenda and the caste system.

Unfortunately, such women rights violation is not just limited to India but the overall globe, where we are facing the crisis of failed leadership. We have leaders who perpetuate hate and rivalry under the guidance of populism. We have condemn-able leaders who can’t bring it about themselves to come out and speak for the right justice and denounce racism, bigotry instead to call patriots.

Here’s a statistic when I speak about leadership- of the parliamentarians, only 1.65% are in their 20’s, the median age of parliamentarian is 53. Such leaders hook upon the youth to vote for them calling us lazy or hard to decipher, yet these very same leaders don’t support the youth to hold the appropriate position in office. And when the whole panel of activist come up to speak out for the public they are targeted online and offline very systematically.

Many activists went off on record to criminalize marriage not to be a license for rape, they were threatened to be killed or raped. But what these human rights violators fail to be accounted for is youth resilience and solidarity.

So do we need to settle or just put on our boxing glasses as the people of democratic India to give a blow on the face and fight back? We need to understand the interconnected problems of nature and proposed solutions which are localized and just not needs to be driven but sustainable.  In India, only 12% of the 355 million women who menstruate use sanitary napkins, the rest are forced to use ash, sand or rags just because they can’t afford them.  Yet are charged 12% Tax on Sanitary Napkins.

It is not just about the panel of activist we have in our country who keep fighting for human rights-  every India should speak up for that matter to keep up the bar straight at one level of equality, justice, and peace.

Then let us see how many such activists are targeted and threatened –

Or for that matter come up and target the People of the Republic- 132.42 Crore who raise their voice.