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By on October 25, 2017


We all come across few words like “ women harassment”  “women abuse” and many more but beyond this the worst thing ever done to a women is either compelling her for abortion or she herself getting compelled to do it. UK  has now put a strict action cutting all these activities by harrowing women experiences.

Northern Ireland is a strongly community that allows abortion only when the mothers’ life is in danger. The is no other punishment than life imprisonment for such brutal  act.  Pregnancy resulting from rape or fetal abnormality are some of the tragic circumstances that women face – where the baby is not able to survive outside the womb and thus they are compelled to abort the innocent soul.

The criminal law impact with a degrading treatment and inhuman activities creates a spearheading legal   action to Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. This is an independent body launched in 2014 taking up the arguments of law violation against the human rights for   women or girls.

During the three day hearing the Supreme Court judges will hear arguments either arguments or for changes. Ashleigh Topley was only four and a half months pregnant when her babys’ limb were not   growing and thus she was going to die. There was 15 weeks of anguish with so many questions from people whether this was her first child or if she desired for a boy or girl – Oh Lord just imagine what sort of exacerbation to her suffering.

She went into 35 weeks of labor and the girl child lost her breath.

In 2016 Northern Ireland had an election assembly to vote against this brutal concept of Abortion. Do you know a hundred of Northern Irish women travel to England for their abortion process.

Many organization like Humanists UK,   Amnesty International and United Nation have joined hands to fight against this fatal notion of discrimination against women. “Crusades against disabled babies” is noted by Catholic bishops and other provinces to create this transformation in society.

A situation that denies women choice and treats them as second class citizen – how ddo you expect any society to stand by it . Unlike rest of United Kingdom , there are many socially conservative province  that allow abortion only when the mothers life is in danger. There are still so many women who contact privately to such organization so that the issue  remains aloof from  others.


There are so many clinics who pay bonuses to  their staff and  encourage  them to go through this procedure and measure the KPI and attach them to their performance bonus—I’m shocked to see such state of mind still prevailing in this society. It is a feeling cutting you apart and a culture that works against patients choice.


This is known as an attack to   the unborn child . We salute those women who refused abortion in Northern Ireland , even after being informed by the doctors that their unborn was having a fatal foetal abnormalities. Such is the trauma and humiliation  that women is made to go through vindicating girls and women.

Today I’m sitting in India but can very well feel the pain of those women in UK. So lets’ pledge to support woman rights or you may say it as human rights and don’t give up until they have an equal access .


UK Supreme Court will overturn these restrictions in Northern Ireland under the ground off human rights after hearing the pro-choice and pro-life groups.