At, you will find no shared, rent or exchange of information with anyone else. I collect the data making them stand as a valuable resource for you and a better experience.

I only collect the minimum amount of information that is required to be inspired and convey the message to my audience.

At – The Safire , my audience is my precious possession and I ensure to take care of them and the information protecting it seriously. The use of information collected to engage the audience shall be limited to provide the necessary information on any category of blogs that I precisely research and write under strict confidence.

You are given a medium to connect with me through your valuable feedbacks. I gather personal statistical information through internet protocol address, browser version to analyse trends, identify potential cases of abuse and come up with ideas and strategies covering the latest trends and topics to share the maximum information with my users broadly from all categories.

I reserve the rights to protect your safety and others with a judicial proceeding served on my website. It is a service for self expression, communication and freedom of speech and intends to increase the availability of information, healthy debate possibly creating new connections with my audience. I strongly believe that to censor this content is contrary to the service based on freedom of expression.

There is a zero tolerance policy towards the contents that exploit children and also the content doesn’t promote violence against any individual or group based on race, religion, gender ,age, nationality or disability.

There is no link provided to sites where readers can obtain unauthorised downloads for other peoples’ content. There is not setup to provide or publish or use any other persons content except getting the inspiration from it any using own words in the form of expression and sharing the thoughts.

I may update the privacy policy to reflect any changes to the informational practices. You are therefore encourage to periodically review this page for the latest privacy practices or information.

This policy is effective from 21st October ,2017.