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By on April 23, 2018

When this fact is taken up in many discussion what do you really aspire India to be?

A creative explosion of new civilization guarded and challenged by new technology with a hope for a new tomorrow based on lessons of the past with a new vigor and achievements. We have many silo’s in our community and when the elected governance comes in force , it pledges to safe guard these silo’s with as an amalgamation of all these silo as an entity with a measured solution.

Coming to the point of limits of expression- Does new India has any such foresight?

In general, we look at creativity in a deconstructed fashion. For us, as people when was the last time you enjoyed literature, listened to a song not for the synthesized beat of it or for the rage of a singer but just for the melody of it.

Don’t you think we as consumers are deconstructing the creative process by putting them in check boxes? I have been a part of this creative process for 9 years and observed that if you are a part of the creative process ,we can actually celebrate the individual entities contribute to the creative process.

Now the question that bangs my mind is –Why everything that is seen through the lens of ‘Sanskari ‘ ethos should not necessarily be the right parameter to judge creativity?

With this, I get reminded of Osho who quoted “A creativity stems from a Rebellion”.

So the oxymoron is to have a scored morality is looked upon as rebellion. So anyone to takes up a position to bring about a change in this context should have a combination of morality, creativity, sensitivity and the constitutional mandate to create a balance.

When an artist takes a social inspiration from the society and expresses it – the filter has to be there.

This is sensitive ecosystem and we need to get along with this well. Let’s have a vulnerable way of looking at the society. Without demonizing the imagery of the idea, for the matter that it just is not rightly matched to what you think goes by saying that the fulcrum of the debate should lie there itself.

If I don’t adhere to the idea that you have doesn’t defy me as an individual and which is rightly proved by the constitution that we all live together.

When it comes to content there is a code of conduct that everybody is licensed has to adhere to. When it comes to online it is not the same or for that matter a bile that is seen online which tends to silence you or engineered so that it deviates you from a path that it is deconstructed. So it is the space which gives you the freedom to walk away.

So it is very incumbent of consumers to understand what is pure information or what comes with an option.

The nature of content also goes by to slur you in social media – so we as citizens should be clear with your ideas. We are all getting a flow of voices and now what we need to do- is to deal with it because the platform is now no more just your’s but for everyone.