By on January 16, 2018

Are you ready for the new challenge?

Registration for Hash Code 2018 is open.

Hash Code is the team programming competition brought by Google Flagship for students and professionals in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  As you pick   up your team and programming language, Google picks up an engineering problem for you to resolve. Before you sign up here are few tips to know how to compete in Hash Code:

  1. 5th Edition of Hash Code– Hash Code started with just 200 participants in 2014 which has grown over the period with around 26,000 developers to compete from 100+ countries across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
  2. Problems have modeled after the challenge– After the challenges are faced by Google Engineering team, the problems are modeled with their software experiences. Optimizing video server on You Tube, Routing Street View Cars through busy city and optimizing layout of Google Data Center and few of the past problems.
  3. Compete in a small team– You need to form a team of two or four to compete in Hash tag. This is to know how you work as a team and not what you know individually.
  4. Online Qualification Round on March 1st– 18.30 CET sharp live stream video is the kick-starter for this Online Entrance. After this the problem is released and the teams have four hours to code.
  5. Hubs add extra entertainment– Hubs are meet up areas where team come in a small area to compete in the Online Qualification Round. You   have a great opportunity to reconnect with other developers. Till now more than 300 Hubs have been registered.
  6. Final Round at Google Dublin– Top Team from Online Qualification Round will be invited to the European Head Quarters in April for the title of Hash Code 2018 Champion.
  7. Its not just a competition but also fun– The problems are designed to be challenging but not intimidating. It is also an important aspect that everyone has fun.

Join in all the Online Fun through Facebook event and G+ Community using #hashtag code because these channels are great places to connect with other engineers and find the team members.