By on November 11, 2017

You need more than good SEO to increase blog traffic in a month to over 400,000 thousand visitors. You need to create a solid strategic to increase your traffic and make your blog the most unique one.  I know it is not easy but again it is not impossible either. In due course of time I have learnt a lot of things and hope this post helps you a lot in increasing your traffic.

Let’s talk about the fitness blogs or health blogs which are the most traffic driven and searched blogs by the audience around the world. Thousands of people search or query about the health that they need to maintain throughout and thus this is the most widely searched topic.

The fact that dieting or health or lifestyle is the popular subject and thus the competition is huge. Thus it gets really difficult to create a blog which builds up its own space. So what happens is you actually take up these topics and start writing on it and this makes things even more difficult.


Well you need to start with a whole lot of research as a blogger in any segment that you opt to write and also keeping in mind to grasp a good knowledge of the industry from SEO perspective. If you area writing , let it not be that you simply do the writing part but even keep monitoring the keyword rankings and how it fluctuates with the change in algorithm the Google incorporates with time.

All these minute details will help you create a solid plan in which ever segment you decide to work upon.  This in one way will be the secret key to drive traffic to your blogs eventually over the period of time.


It has always been a debatable topic whether to get a domain that is keyword rich and thus drives traffic. My aim has always been to book a domain which is of just two words and easy to remember. I have never paid extra to get a premium domain but yes I have always given an extra effort to the contents that I write in order to make the domain reach my target audience. To talk about having .net domain, well in that case it is not negative to opt for such to get ranks in Google.


Select the best blogging platform and I would always recommend you to go for wordpress. When it is about getting a good theme, opt for something that is simple and flexible for all kind of work.

I had a bit of programming experience to get the customization ready in few days time and thus started effectively writing blogs.  My idea was to make it look very simple with four basic category structures incorporated in the website.- about us, contact us, site map, privacy policy.

I also did some good practices in the homepage to keep the major aspect of my blogging so that my audience gets to know more about my stuff.  You can also opt for using “Must Read “ section in the right side bar.


Now comes the tuff part since it is easier to say that I will blog but when it actually comes to create content , it really becomes difficult to think on what to write.  You come across a lot of challenges that you need to write while blogging and you really need to overcome the same.  What to write, how to write, how to create an interesting content, how to publish  and how to make longer posts?

You have numerous questions but it becomes difficult to start.  When I started writing on the niche that I cover two important aspects that still run viral for any blogger to judge before writing is – longtail low competition keywords and evergreen content.

Start to make a refine search with phrases that are long tail keywords that are often used by people while searching anything.  The whole idea is to write effectively and raise the bar to publish content that captures your  audiences mind.  Google has introduced Google+ to take the authorship of content and make the web look more anonymous.

Never forget to back your blogs with research studies and real data. You can also opt for certified professionals and get the content written by them and start making a uniqueway to recover the amount you have invested in this and earn profits.

Remember there is no maximum limits and your post should adhere to rules. Start publishing your posts three times a week and then see the results.


Never keep your kitty empty, always have 4—5 posts ready and keep your bag rolling to drive more traffic. This will prefereably increase your organic traffic which is the most valuable type of traffic.  This is a trick to give a good indication to the search engine bots to keep the site updated frequently.


Keep a constant schedule to your writings with good quality and unique content.  Keep a connection with the analytics – Google , Webmaster , Bing because these are really going to help you in monitoring your website, performance of the  blog, improve rankings and traffic.

It takes a couple of months to increase organic visitors but eventually with time , you will get it.  Start giving good  reasons for   people to come back to your site. This is an encouraging signal and will get you great results.

Newsletters, Social promotions, blog monitoring , Adwords , Advertising and monetization are all ways to create more value to  your content.

Stay tuned !

There is lot more  to come up.