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By on November 1, 2017

All the eyeballs of the Nation were upon the Gujarat assembly election dates and apart from the opposition party every individual started blaming the Election Commission for the delay caused in the announcement of the dates. The lunchtime debates and the grapevine in the EC framed a picture of being unfair giving an advantage to the ruling party. But with the announcement of the dates 9th and 14th December all the blame game has taken a pause and the guessing game has started.

The contemporary political landscape takes up Gujarat in the forefront with a clear note on all the exit polls and surveys conducted inclining the elections results to be in favour of the ruling party BJP Government. Some are very confident with the Modi waves that BJP is again a winner.

The current Rupani Govt and Modi Govt are going to pass through a litmus test in the Center.  Taking a deep dive into the obvious reality that even BJP is losing its charm in the business community which faded among-st this class majorly after the impact of GST. The Govt. didn’t receive well due to   the facade of business proliferation.  The Patidars consisting of 25 to 30 percent of population are now more hostile towards BJP.

People lost interest after all the policies and bills passed which was again well balanced by the opposition. But BJP is a master player and again cut the edges with the best strategies and took a complete advantage of this situation. Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi could have taken the best advantage of this situation and used this disinterest in their   favour. But this never happened and in this election it is again the Modi wave that is going to take all points , fought on a National pride on behalf of every Gujarati.


Moving on to the past after Vallabhbhai , PM Modi is the only one to enjoy this status of being the most discussed politician with a huge nation wide following over last three and a half years.He is the National pride of India , to have changed the dynamics of Indian politics after independence. The election environment is surely going to be swirled with the emotive and highly inspiring speech made by PM Modi . With the dates getting closer Gujarat is going to be in the Modi mode and BJP for sure will nail the election creating a far- fetched effect on the Himachal Pradesh’s election. The afternoon of 15th December is going to be a remarkable date in the history of Indian politics.

But to hammer a bit lets’ not take this so much for granted because the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election is really ggoing to be  detrimental one. India happens to be the Nation with maximum young population  who keep a keen eye on every aspect that swrills the Nation so – Anything can happen and change the system”  .

So the 2019 general election is all going to be set with the outcomes of this election keeping in mind so many issues to be addressed – Infrastructure development, employement, Make in India and many more.  These are some of the crucial points to be taken up very seriously by the ruling party before the general election 2019 – if they want to come back with a bang again.The real challenge starts after 15th December afternoon with the ruling party BJP , its senior leaders and the torch bearer PM Modi.