By on June 15, 2018

Everybody has suddenly started grabbing interest in the so-called terminology ‘The God Particle’ (Apologies for this interpretation but this is the kind of debate going on all around). The conflict between science and religion is being trolled everywhere.

Will science and religion ever converge?

Will science be able to define God ever?

Suddenly youth have started to take interest in Particle Physics and Fundamental Physics in past few days.  Science is seeking and so is Spirituality, which is a great way to explore in itself.

Wanting to know is a natural way of human intelligence.

For me, Science and Spirituality is a completely different approach but seeking the same answer. Have you ever imagined why is it called ‘The God Particle’? Maybe, because the creation has started from somewhere.

When it comes to the Holy Bible, wherein the first chapter of Genesis it is explained God created one day after the other and later came to the beautiful creation –‘The Human’. However, science has completely reshaped the landscape of human creation with the Big Bang effect and the laws of Nature spring from symmetries writ deep into the fabric of space, time and matter.

We are still struggling with the word ‘Particle’ which is about the matter and has not crossed the border of spirituality. After man or science has been able to throw some light on what this matter is all about, then our task will be to explore on what the soul is all about.

When we talk about spirituality vis-a-vis science, putting them together is vulgarizing both. If science at some point leads to spirituality is fair enough. We don’t know how particles acquire mass. There is a tremendous achievement that Higgs Boson discovered how particle acquires mass and thus people could not believe it.

Symmetry is a crucial aspect of science which is the pillar to our existence which is related to the beauty of social sciences, humanity, arts and every corner of this world.  Every equation embodies an implicit conceptual structure with science scaffolding the structure upon which to operate.

So there are two questions that hold me back:

Are there two aspects of life which could be explained one by science and other by spirituality?

If so, what are they?

Well, it is improper to call only a singular way to define existence when we think about human capability which is beyond the possibilities of intellect. If you strive to explore beyond senses or intellect which is the tool to your survival and claim that it is science- Is it fair?

We have been able to connect more with science in the past 150 years because of the incoming guidance of multiple gadgets to explore science. There are other ways of studying existence. Putting the whole existence to a testing of human logic is a simpler way to science.

Art, Music, Love, and sensitivity can it be tested and proved?

We have a symbolic knowledge and intimate knowledge.

When both religions started and science started, over the generations have been tried to bridge the gap?

The essence is quest which comes from refusion to assumptions. Certain things are unchangeable and in which context they were written. The method of science in question, then hypothesis, third is an experiment and only when you cannot design the question it comes with a conclusion. The corridor of science is littered with skeletons of discarded theories. Religion should do it else it has to go.

What Vedanta says is “ You have to at least believe in yourself”.

So what is the closest way to believe our existence?

Is Unity mistery?

Sri Ramakrishna said;    ‘An ant went to a sugar hill and took a piece of it in its mouth and looking at the hill ate it with a thought that I will take this hill completely next time with me… So, the mystery   of creation is so vast, that man with his intelligence can fathom it… all that we are doing is creating theories.’

So, for the time being, we need to create the purpose of our existence and be available for all those who need us.