By on December 21, 2017

It is difficult to disagree that Christmas is still an essential part of many peoples’ life in America. Here are some interesting facts about Christmas in America and how people love to celebrate it:

  • 90 % Americans and 95% Christians say that they celebrate Christmas which is roughly steady this year but the role of religion in Christmas is declining with time. 46% Americans say they celebrate primarily is as religious functions and 51% Millennial less likely than adult say to celebrate it as religion.
  • When they go shopping which greeting do they prefer: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? For some this is a sensitive question whereas some do not seem to have a strong feeling for 52% Americans say it doesn’t matter how people greet them on stores’   and around 32% choose for ‘Merry Christmas’. Republicans prefer ‘Merry Christmas’ more likely than Democrats’.
  • One of the controversial aspects of Christmas is the holiday display on government property. A research was conducted t know if Christian symbols such as nativity scenes would be allowed on government property or only is accompanied by other faith symbols. Few agreed to share parallel symbols and few disagreed. A growing share say religious displays should not be allowed on government property under any circumstances.
  • Declining majority of Americans believe biblical Christmas stories reflects historical events. 66% believe Jesus was born to a virgin and rest believe he was born in a manger.
  • Some believe wise men guided by star brought Jesus gift and rest believe Angel announced birth of Jesus to shepherds.Around 19% of Americans say none of these things are actually happening.

Celebratin the birth of Jesus with gifts, carols ,lights and even statues of Santa Claus , Snowmen and Reeindeer gets the entire town roll on wheels of enjoyment and happiness.

This is a short note of the facts on  Christmas, I will come upp with some more chic decors to make  your Christmas the most happening one.