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By on October 28, 2017

President XI Jinping has ones again proved himself as a man of destiny with the consolidated power shown at the 19th Congress Communist Party. It seemed to be quite irreversible during the end of Cold War considering the tide of democracy being more liberal. But this seemingly irreversible tide is more ebbing with the meteoric rise of China and XI Jinping gripping tight to the centralized power in his hand.  This is more of an exhausting effect that America has to face during 9/11 with the quagmire of Iraq. It is expected that in context to the economic term China is having a close fight with US and that by the end of 2030 China could be the in the forefront as the worlds’ highest economy.

XI has persuaded these trends and formulated to have a more assertive China articulating his dreams. So far as the international fora is concerned China stands as a hindrance for India, which thrusts’ more pressure to India at LAC and inclined to have a more disputed terms with Pakistan. To have a ‘unipolar’ Asia is always a dream for China and this also translates to be an Indian nightmare.

With a unique level of state model mercantilism, China has very well targeted to game the globalization concept. China Inc has a single minded focus to get all the dollar reserves and has landed up marring this ferocious competitive economic market intending to have an internal repression to financial aspect keeping an eye on the transition made to technology and a tight capital control.

This state capitalism created by China has turned out to be infectious for other countries, urging them to emulate and hurt the reason of free trading all around the globe. If we club all these aspects together it concludes that the biggest challenge that stands now for New Delhi is the China Juggernaut.  Here again the political and economic liberalism is more imperiled.

On the flip side China has taken up the OBOR part of Japan, and as the latest news say the US secretary Rex Tillerson is expressing interest in the joint connectivity projects of India. Talking about the GDP growth, China is eyeing it for future and this is encountering to unsustainable debts.   President XI Jinping is now on the same level as Mao Zedong throwing some light to the country’s economic aspect. XIs’ consolidation of power is to make rapid progress in addressing the environmental issues of China, social inequality and the structural problems as well.

On Tuesday a history was created in China since Mao’s time with the inscription of Xi Jinpings’ name to the constitution of China for the first time as a living leader with a strong stand in the Communist Party.  As per New York Times report , the authority of Xi is not a Godly presence but it is also true that Chinas’ state, economic and military conditions are now more powerful than the time of Mao or Deng.

China is now wanting to understand the  global governance rule with Xi Jinping in power and as a front line leader to the future.

If all   the like-minded powers come together like US, Australia and Vietnam the military pressures of China can be counteracted by the defence power.  But it is also true that in comparison to China, India is initiating from a low base – so all of this could only be possible if we come out of this lacklustre economic stage with an aim to double the GDP than China.