By on July 30, 2019

Any public person should be conscious of the fact that any subject they talk about, no matter what they say either becomes a headline or becomes a reason so that headlines can be made. And given that any public person – either in media or in politics should recognize that communication is an opportunity or may become a challenge with time. Today, we are again in a time and place, where most of the viewer’s know who is just a theorist and who is actually factually reporting from the ground.

Let us stop looking at media as just a business. If you do an extremely outrageous show, every media house will carry and if you do a sedate conversation, people will just possibly carry a short post and photo somewhere and move on to somebody else’s controversy, outrageous behavior or airport look.

So, do you think people should be given what they want?

Well, if you are in the business of entertainment then you possibly you have to give, else it will flop in the box office.

We as a Nation have grown up with our grandmother’s telling stories, not reading out of a book but out of pure memory coming from different states, district, and aura. This is because they have the skills of taking something from a very small culture, heritage, and craft and weave it into that story to make it a part of our mindset. We are in Nation that is creative and we now need to marry that creativity with technology. How well we do that for our future generation that is where the key lies.

An empowered consumer is the best thing to happen to the media.

Changing pieces of stuff with some irony in it is certainly a part of the business but media gets called away with wrong report ash. And of course, social media has enormously grown to add a pinch of salt to every story. But at least today we do not have a system which gives information and we take it on face value. The public has a challenge and a view with a platform to talk about.

If we talk about being a Celebrity or Public person, one needs to be straight on the fact that they have to deal with comments which necessarily won’t be constructive. For that matter, the human need to be angry and vent out things somewhere. But again, I would say, this is part of the business and people want some way to get eyeballs to come either to the channel or columns.

How do we make things get outrageous when nowadays we find a constant shift in the entertainment industry, where there is a throwback from the 70’s that represented the angst of a common man?

Given on this part, the Government foresees things to be in the bracket of law.  As a media person, I personally believe there will be scope for an insider to serve the concerns in that particular position. It is extremely incumbent upon that person to serve the best so that the sector does not get branded.

So it is again jotted that media landscape was unfathomable and unimaginable long back. With the evolution in content and our empowered consumers, the unparalleled growth comes at the back of extensive broadband penetration as well as cohesive technological advancements and other factors.