By on February 6, 2018

In United States consumers pay more and get less in Healthcare as compared to most other developed countries. Without substantial help strong comprehensive healthcare is unaffordable, which is why pressuring government doesn’t work.

People can’t afford something under what amounts to tax given extra overhead. Healthcare is the basic requirement for any individual and this need to be highly affordable. So, what is needed is to cut down the cost sharply whether it is funded by state or paid by an individual.

So now we need such a player to enter the market at massive level so that they use their buying and political power to force the industry to reduce excessive pharmaceutical waste and excessive testing to erect a stronger barrier to excessive litigation.

Amazon announced its entry into the health market with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway. The major problem with Obamacare is that it keeps shifting where the bill goes, as a result of which US citizens are paying more but getting less coverage.

Benefits of Amazon  in Healthcare   is that it has the reach and capability to reduce healthcare costs massively through enhanced record managements. It has implemented aggressive artificial intelligence based diagnosis validation with the ability to negotiate better drug prices, scalable patient monitoring along with policies that could address abuses such as usage of pain killers.

Amazon has the capability to reduce the healthcare cost and raise performance so that Americans need not pay more in this healthcare domain. Amazon is moving to one of the most heavily regulated areas of US ,so getting into regulatory approval sometimes may turn up to be a bit problematic.

There are many people living on the  bleeding edge not concerned with profits but pushing expansion . Moving into healthcare is the latest aggressive move  of Amazon but that could be too far since its even having customer care issues.  So potentially Amazon could fix healthcare but taking a separate route. Lets see how well  its curbs these issues an ones again stands as a shining star in the constellation.