Hi ! I’m Lory

Meeting fresh faces and making things is what I like the most.

A very rare combination of an Engineer/HR  & Journalist. The thirst of reading and writing has always been in my flesh and bones, but it became more rooted in the year 2009 after I completed my Engineering and started being an associate in the countries renowned publication Houses( Dainik Bhaskar, Times of India, Hindustan Times & Shree Prakashan Journal). I love doing the impossible and thus with 8  years of experience in as a Core Power Plant Engineer , I didn’t ever quit writing. I found my love in writing and with my corporate experience ensured to take my voyage in ocean of words and creativity. A beautiful relationship with my soul mate gave birth to this love in writing as every thought of mine was inspired by him to script it down.

Yep, every day is a learning for you. These years I’ve realised that being versatile isn’t easy unless you want to. Handling multiple works without decreasing results too much in a particular time tends to show the credibility you have. Initiating a career as a Project Engineer was tough but it did have a smooth run when I felt that I was one of those masculine soul having a feminist look wherein I need to discard the so called caption “Power Plant is not a cup of tea for girls” . Well I did survive for 8 long years creating benchmarks with my team – A Team of Boys who definitely weren’t in the category of male chauvinist.

Running parallel with my passion of research, being a part of India’s leading newspapers wasn’t again easy. Yet, I created my own space – may be a little short in diameter but something that I still feel happy about.

Making my way into a digital company was another new road for me: a place of exploring the best in you. New Place, New space – Yep, this time a DIGITAL ONE. Taking the accountability of writing the best and with passage of time getting cynosure of building and transforming yourself to be an asset and not a liability is another leaflet to turn over. Remember that versatility is never there in your brain. It’s you who have to trigger this species out from yourself, your mind and transform every ‘NO’ to ‘YES’.#

Believe it or not, you will say or at least think: “Okay, where we are now”. When the statement is thought by you actually your brain is doing a process called context switching. You are trying to remember what you have done before as well as had to do next for completing the report. For me, it takes a couple of minutes to get online.

During my years working full-time even as HR, I often served on groups that were tasked with hiring. Inevitably, the resumes that showed the greatest concentration of directly relevant experience would rise to the top. Folks in the hiring group gave lip service to the breadth that was evident on some resumes, but in the end it was the safe-bet candidates who were selected for a first round of interviews. More than once, I heard people justify hesitation about an apparently versatile candidate with the warning “ Jack of all, master of none”.

But believe me manager admire employee only if they are versatile. This is the startling truth that I have identified. Call on my past, I get reminded of people who were shocked to hear me defying my engineering career and taking up writing as my pivot.

I still blow the trumpet “Nothing best could have I done myself than this transformation”