5 Trends to Watch in Digital Advertising 2018

By on January 2, 2018

With the evolving capabilities and changing dynamics, marketers connect with their audience and prospects in 2018. As we are speeding into 2018, here are five predictions in digital advertising and their effect that’s going to happen this year.

EU and US deregulations put Marketers in divergent path

In 2018 to navigate in market differently brands have followed a brilliant way. The GDPR may effect in May 2018 dramatically on how marketers collect and use their data in the EU. On the contrary, US has opened the flood gates for the user database. $2.7 billion antitrust fine that was hit by European Commission against Google for favouring search engine to detriment the competitive shopping engines. One is aimed at alleged restrictions in Google Adsense for Search contracts while other revolves around contract requirements for Android phone marketers

Retargeting Blacklash

Its a long time coming but this will not see a significant change from tghe marketer’s prespective . With Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention and GDPR there has been a doomsday prediction about retargeting. But with the use of AI in such platforms reshaping of such retargeting strategies will take place.

In 2017, Google and Facebook became ignorant at their best. Facebook fessed up to a number of measurements and errors while Google faced its own challenge . Despite all these the domination of  the ad industry endured and will continue in 2018.

The Rising ISP’s

In 2018, this is probably the growing threat for Google – ISP’s  and wireless providers such as AT & T , Charter, Comcast , Sprint and Verizon. These include geolocation data, browsing data, listening and watching data and other non-personally identifiable information (PII).

These products help the ad world go around and this will lead to growing advertising to a more personalized level in 2018. In tandem with ad personalization , new interactive formats will come up and aim to break through the noise with increase in user engagement.